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I have these two books from the library at the moment and I :heart: them!! I think they are a fantastic resource - great tips and patterns as well as lots of interesting and fun reading material. Granted I haven’t looked at many other knitting books so I don’t have much to compare it to, but I give these two books two thumbs up!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

These are the only two knitting books I own. These books and Amy’s videos are how I learned to knit. :thumbsup:

SnB is the best basic how-to-knit that I’ve seen. I learned a lot from that one.

I’m just sad that I have to return them to the library in a few weeks :verysad: and I don’t think I could get away with renewing them over and over (which I would do :wink: ) because there’s a waiting list for it.

My birthday is in 2 months and I know what I’m asking for!!!


Since this post will probably attract alot of people that have read the books, I have a question about the section where it says (at least, my interpretation of it!) that now that they’ve taught us to purl, you don’t need to purl on circ needles when working stock stitch. Is that right? That you would just continue knit stitch and you will still get the look of stock stitch? That doesn’t really make sense to me…but then again, I am blonde! :rollseyes:

Oh, and I"ll also say that I do really like the SnB book…minus that one particular part that I found confusing. hahaaa.

that is true…when you are knitting in the round…not flat of course

Because u r knitting in the round…in a circle, it acts as if u r knitting back & forth on straight needles, therefore…when u knit in the round u automatically have the St st…if u want garter st when knitting in the round, then i have to knit 1 round, then purl 1 round
knitting in the round is the best…i :heart: it!!
I have SnB original, I really didn’t have any need for the 2nd…but, i’m addicted to knitting books…ain’t no doubt! As a matter of fact, my sweet, sweet man is out at this very moment looking for the book “Socks, Socks, Socks” for me…how lucky am I?!
If u guys r interested in books that cover everything and then some I would recommend the Knitters Bible…full of info from basic to advanced…with a bunch of techniques…all sorts of goodies

Ok, so is that because you never turn the work? :thinking: Sorry…I just need to get this straight in my head. I’m one of those PAINFUL people that needs to know WHY I’m doing something. :rollseyes:

I’ve just ordered some circs from ebay and I’m excited to get them so I can use them, since everyone seems to rave about them!

What would happen if I did knit/purl/knit/purl/etc…? Would it look like garter stitch?

~Thanking God right now for this website to get all my questions answered~ :smiley:

Yes, because you never turn the work - that’s all the explanation I need - if you need more it will have to come from someone smarter than me!!! :wink:

If you did knit/purl/knit/purl it would come out like garter stitch.

… because you are blond!.. :roflhard:

Knitting is funny for we who need to think it through, sometimes it’s just SO MUCH EASIER to do it, look at it, and voila there it is… that’s how it is with the knitting on circulars, you see inside (or the back of your work) and there is the stockinette happening. like magic.

The one thing I was a little peeved over this past weekend is I was knitting a hat on dpns (after switching from a circular coz I like my wood dpns better) and I was doing a ribbing of k2, p2 right? So, I messed up in the beginning and they weren’t coming out right, so I look in S n’B book to see if you should knit the knits and purl the purls when doing rib in the round, and she didn’t cover that. Of course, I figured it out by watching the stitches closely as I did them, and the answer is yes, knit the knits etc.

Well, that’s not an answer above, just a ramble…

You might find experimenting for a while on your new circulars a good idea. See what happens when you try different stitches.

ciao for now,

:thinking: Hmmmm…fellow blonde here…I STILL don’t get it! I am doing a poncho using circs, but not knitting in the round. Does it only work that you don’t have to purl if you are connected and knitting in the round?

Holly :??

If you are using circs for FLAT knitting (ie. not joined in the round) then you have to do knit stitches on the right side and purl stitches on the wrong side to get stockinette. Pretend your needles are not joined by that cable in the middle and it is no different than knitting with straight needles.

Don’t forget that S&B and S&BN have several pattern errors… be sure to check the website for corrections (i know i say this all the time, but it’s been at LEASt a month since i mentioned it).

Thanks so much for saying that. I haven’t been on this site long enough to have heard that from you! I will definitely check out their site for the corrections!

Oh my gawd Hildy, I didn’t know they had several pattern errors! Geez, THANK YOU for saying it again. Hmmmmpfffff. That’s rotten.
Good thing I didn’t make much of their stuff so far.

well maybe SEVERAL is the wrong word. Some patterns don’t have any. But some do. lets say SOME mistakes, not SEVERAL.

OK … I have to chime in here, and this probably isn’t going to be an issue with most of you, but it bothers me. I borrowd S’nB from the library, and it is currently lying on my coffee table. My 7yo DD came in and sat down to look at it, and says, “Mom, isn’t b-i-t-c-h a bad word?”

“Yes, it is,” I replied.

She then proceeded to leaf through the book and pretty soon asks (without spelling), “What does ‘sh*t’ mean? Is that a bad word, too?”

I’m not sure I can explain how I felt to hear such colorful vocabulary coming out of my daughter’s mouth, but I remained calm and said, “Yes, that is too, and we don’t usually use that word here.” :rollseyes:

This didn’t especially phase my daughter. She just commented that she thought it was really dumb that they used bad language in a book about knitting.

So, while I think the books have some value, I think it’s unfortunate that they’re rated PG. {sigh}

I used this book at school to teach some of my students how to knit. I took a mini-post-it note and covered up language and sexual innuendos (ribbed for her pleasure, etc) with the word “CENSORED” . Of course these were older kids and as soon as I turned my back they were peeking and giggling, BUT I was just trying to cover my censored in case a parent called. :smiley:
It is dumb, as your DD put it, that they have to use bad language in a book about knitting… and it’s even dumber that the hip verbiage was used on purpose to attract a younger audience (which it did), that editors think that younger people talk like that all the time (most don’t), and that even though the language is the only fundamental difference between S&B and other knitting books, Debbie Stoller made tons of $$$$ from it simply because it appealed to younger knitters. But I love the book anyway (language and pattern mistakes aside).

Well, we frequently have discussions around here about marketing ploys anyway. (Necessitated by the enthusiasm that is generated every time a new game system goes on the market.) I suppose if the topic of this book comes up again, I’ll make your point with her. :slight_smile: It’s a good one, and very unfortunate, too. I think it’s an insult to the intelligence of the younger consumer, quite frankly.

I had forgotten about the “ribbed for her pleasure” comment, but that irritated me, too … “Hide the knittin’ books, honey! The kids are up!”