SNB Meema's Felted Tote

Hi. SNB is the first knitting book that I have purchased and I have taken a few intro classes, but not enough apparently on learning how to read pattersn. :cry:

Anyway, my question is about the directions in this pattern. I have the 44 rows done in garter stitch, with 16 stitches on my needles. Now, I don’t understand about picking up 22 stitches and thn pu 16 st and pu 22 stitches…

Then it says: *RT, k to within 2 sts of marker, RT, sl marker; rep from *. What is RT? It is not in the abbreviations in the book. I am so lost, what does this mean???

I wanted to make a felted tote, but at my limited skills right now, I am having trouble. Can anyone help me?? Thanks.


Amy has a definition for RT on her abbreviation page:

right twist (where two stitches cross each other, as in the smallest cable stitch possible)

If you’re not sure what to do with that, maybe someone else here can help. I’ve never tried it myself. :?

You know I looked at the abbreviations page twice, but overlooked it both times. I don’t even know what the right twist means. Yikes! Maybe it is time to get some one-on-one time at the LYS. You think that I would find it in the SNB book since that is where the pattern is, but so far, no such luck. :cry:


Wow, I couldn’t believe it, but your right, RT is not explained in the book!

right twist (where two stitches cross each other, as in the smallest cable stitch possible)

hmm, I’m not sure what that means. Could it be that you knit the second stitch before knitting the first? Maybe someone else know.

As for the pick up stitches:
The piece you now have will be the bottom of the bag. The 16 stitches you have on your needle will form on side of the bag. The 22 pick up’s will form front and back of the tote.

Ha! Got it! I was right about the RT.
Here’s a discussin about the tote:
The last post on this site has the same question about RT and the next post has the answer.

Thank you so much for the link on the tote. I am going to work on it this weekend and see how I do. I appreciate all of your help. This forum is great!!!


The RT (right twist) is explained on the pattern page for the tote, pg 173, top left: “K 2nd st on needle without…”. I overlooked it too when I did my tote - I wasn’t used to the way these patterns are written.

The 16 st are on the short sides of the bag, opposite one another and the 22 pu sts are on the long (handle, 13.5 inch) sides of the bag.