Snarkiness on Ravelry

A good thing NOT to do on any ‘social’ site!

I’ve sat and watched Ravelry’s ‘radar’ (random posts as they are posted by users on groups) as I knit or wait on the phone on hold. It’s obvious they are very selective about what they allow up on radar.

Um, in my opinion, I don’t think people feel they always have to state their opinion on everything. :roflhard::roflhard: :stuck_out_tongue:

Couldn’t resist :teehee:

I don’t think your opinion on Debkcs’ opinion is valid :teehee:

LOL! OK now this post just got silly! What can I say, it’s Friday, I’m getting a massage at 4 and this week I REALLY earned it!!! If my dog would let me sleep past 8, I’d sleep in tomorrow.

I love my KH family! Hugs to all and a very blessed weekend to everyone!

On the other hand, I started a thread a while back, explaining how I was too shy to friend people, and I ended up with more friends than I could count. So Ravelry isn’t all bad.:teehee:

Um…I’ve asked myself that in here several times, too. :lol: That’s how heated discussions usually get started.

Some of this may be interesting and answered a few of my questions, too.

I didn’t realize you could put some forums on different “tabs”. The “Big 6” cannot be unsubscribed but apparently they can be put on a different tab. I’ll have to do just that!

That is why I stopped going into the forums except for a very few. I mostly go into a few forums on small groups I belong to and search for patterns. Don’t need negativity when I’m dealing with the thing that relaxes me. :slight_smile:

I tend to only frequent the groups on Ravelry that I have added, not the main ones. Even in the smaller groups I find that people are not as friendly or responsive as they are here (although of course there are exceptions.)

I personally would never post anything that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face, and I pride myself on being kind to others.

I mostly use Ravelry for my own project scrapbook, patterns, and to see what my friends are knitting. For community I would rather come here, to my Facebook where I am only friends with people I know and like, or to my real life friends!

Thanks for the heads up! I have “joined” 3 Rav groups: KH (of course), Knit Picks, and my local rav group but I still have not posted. I basically lurk to see if there is any news and found out we are getting a new LYS. :hiding:

But you all are so nice and fun that I really don’t feel a need to post on their groups! :mrgreen:


It isn’t a knit forum, it is a car fourm. My husband owns a shop, so I have a lot of involvement with cars and car poeple. If I am not visiting knit forums, I am on car fourms.

:roflhard: :roflhard: Okay sis, now you have this stuck in my head.

They may have moderators but they don’t moderate.
I got a talking to from one of the heads because “I threatened someone with a banning” if they didn’t stop sending me flames via PM. Shame on me for thinking that moderators would actually moderate someone who chases me out of forums after they managed that, tried to chase me off Ravelry via PMs.
If I ran the place I wouldn’t have even warned her given her post history.

I don’t do much on Ravelry any more.
Most off topic groups are off limits, I’ll quickly pull the plug on the one I still check on. The main forums are way off limits. And even the general knitting and specific technique forums see very limited input from me.

I’m on an archery forum with a lot more members than Ravelry and even in the off topic political/religious section it is nowhere near as bad as Ravelry.

That’s what the old lady tried doing with me (yes, it was an old lady you would think nice grandma type by looking at her).
It seems the people who run Ravelry are all for it. They’d rather those trolls chased others off than ban the trolls who are chasing people off.

That’s exactly how I feel about the place.
My first internet forum was a place where we did little other than flame each other, so I don’t mind meaningless flames. Other than the repetitiveness it can provide some humor.
I love political and religious forums as long as they’re fairly moderated, so I don’t mind heated debate.
But that’s not what I go to Ravelry for.

I’ve only had one bad experience at Rav…that was in the AMERICAN IDOL FAN CLUB. A newly appointed moderator was the most outrageous FUSS-POT I’ve ever seen. He would correct anything and everything.

[U]Every thread[/U] was jam-packed with his “corrective” posts!
Everyone was on his radar. And I mean within a week!

Finally, he was demoted. The admin for the Group was forced to. The group was in chaos. Before this mod, the group was having a high ole time talkin’ about this singer and that singer!

BTW, let it be known, this fuss-pot moderator wasn’t even really a knitter. Nothin’ but a couple of pathetic pot holders in his knitting folder. It was obvious to me, he joined Ravelry to trounce on folks.

The guy also has a blog. His life in general is a train wreck.

But since this episode, even with him tossed out…I un-joined the group and will not join any further non-knitting related groups.

Over at Rav, I keep a low profile. Don’t voice any opinions.
Who in the heck cares what I think anyway? I just try to be encouraging to others. I’ve made some really good friends, and I correspond with just one on a regular basis. We’ve worked several KALS together.

You can get a lot of GOOD out of Rav if you use it right.

I started that group, then left after I no longer watched the show. LOL. I wasn’t there for his ‘corrections’. People should lighten up!

Oh yeah, you really missed out on all the FUN! Seriously, I’ve never EVER run into such a miserable person. He trounced anything and everything. It was a nightmare for the current admin, and she is a lovely, reasonable, kind person! Oy! What a can of worms he created out of thin air!

I’ve noticed that the crakiest ravelers are often the ones who seem to knit the least (as evidenced by their projects file-which may or may not be an accurate assessment). Moral is- they need to KNIT more and POST less :slight_smile:

Knitting would most probably relax them, and then they wouldn’t feel the need to lash out at people. OHHHMMMMMM…:teehee:

Amen. Sister! [I][B]Amen![/B][/I] :thumbsup:

I have been fortunate in the groups I have joined at Ravelry. I didn’t use Rav much until this summer when the spinning bug bit me big time. I’ve joined half a dozen spinning groups and have spent most of my free time there. I have found the folks to be as friendly and helpful as all the wonderful people here. I do find them to be a little more clannish in a few groups. I think since they all know each other in real life like Tsock Tsarina, Abby and a number of others all well immersed in the fiber world. They are all willing to answer questions over and over for the newbies who stumble in.
The sense of community that KH has though I don’t think can be duplicated. I may have wandered off for a while learning new things but I find myself coming “home” to KH for friendship.:grphug: