I have knitted an adorable little vest for one of my nephews and I want it to close with snaps. I’ve never applied snaps to a knitted garment. I assume it’s possible.

Which type of snaps are best? Any tricks or tips for attaching them? Do I need to sew on a woven facing first?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I have seen plastic snaps available. My suggestion would perhaps be to put a small circle of fabric/felt behind the snap to give it a little body for sewing to the knitting.:thumbsup:

and if it is for a baby or small child, use strong thread to attach securely so that it won’t come off and be eaten.

I read that prong snaps rather than stud snaps should be used on knitted garments.

Can someone describe or refer me to a source which describes the process of attaching prong snaps to knit fabric?

snaps are good to be sewn by hands


What are the yarns like in India?
Do you have any local yarn producers?
What do you yourself knit?

I am full of questions about knitting in Delhi!