Snaps on knitting? Do They Pull?

Hi everyone! Someone suggested to me recently that I should attach snaps to my sweaters instead of buttons. They said that this way, I could put any size button on the other side of the snap and not worry about the size of buttonholes - just leave them out. It sounds like a good idea, but I’m not sure how you would attach a snap to a knitted garment nor am I sure whether the snaps would pull the yarn too much with use. Does this idea make sense, or should I stick with button holes?

If you did snaps, I’d use grosgraine ribbon as a backing on the wrong side. The ribbon wouldn’t be seen but it would help to stabilize the snap and help keep your knitting from pulling too much. I attached snaps directly onto a sweater once without any sort of backing and it ruined it. :?

If you look around in the notions section at a fabric shop, you may be able to find what they call “snap tape”. It’s snaps already attached to grosgrain ribbon. I’ll be using it on the convertible bunting I’m making. (The bottom can be divided into legs or used as a one-piece ‘bag’.)

Good Luck!