Snapped yarn fix? (warning: day-glo green newbie)


I recently started my first knitting project. I decided to stay very simple and quick: a baby’s scarf in plain garter stitch. I used 8 ply alpaca wool in lovely natural colors which was my MIL’s before she passed last year. I used size 4 1/2 needles, plastic if it matters. Everything is going pretty well except for the fact that one of the strands which makes up the yarn has snapped. I can send a photo if I’m not describing this well or anyone needs to look to see. This happened the first time with the same ball of wool while I was casting on but I assumed it was a fluke… now I’m not so sure.

Could someone please suggest the cause? And how I should fix this? I’m hoping it’s not something with the wool, like because it’s older it’s not good anymore as it’s lovely and would be a sentimental thing to use my MIL’s wool on her grandchild’s baby stuff. It appears to be fine to my eye, nothing obvious. It’s fairly fine diameter, not real chunky (22sts/10cm) so I have to imagine trying to somehow twist it back together would be a delicate opperation. I’d really hate to unwravel everything and start again if I don’t have to.


I don’t think yarn gets ‘old’, unless its wool that has had moths. Some natural fibers will break, especially when thin. What I like to do with natural stuff is a ‘felted join’ or ‘spit join.’ Cut out the part that has the broken ply. Fray the two ‘good’ ends for about an inch. Then lay one on top of the other and moisten. Rub the ends between your palms vigorously. They should felt together enough to knit with.

If it doesn’t work, you can tie a loose knot, knit that part, take out the knot and weave in the ends. Or just start the new end as if you were starting a new ball.