Snake Bitten Project

Any suggestions for getting beyond an obvious “knitter’s block”?? :crying: I have almost finished a vest several times now (very easy pattern) and get to a certain point and not matter WHAT I screw it up so bad I have to start over! :rollseyes: I know this is not a "real"how to question but I am going nuts. I am making it for my mother! Maybe that’s the problem!!!
Sop 1 in NC

First, know that you are not alone! :heart:

There comes for each of us a project that, for some reason, presents us with challenges that we think we cannot get past. But we can!

Try to identify the part of the pattern that is throwing you off. Study it. Write it out longhand if you have to in order to get a feel for what it’s asking you to do. Before ripping out what you’ve done, see what exactly you have done that does not correspond to the pattern.

Also, don’t beat yourself up! You’ll only make your situation worse. (I know this from personal experience!)

Remember that this is a handknit piece; it will not be perfect. There are mistakes in even the most beautifully done work. Around here, we call those “hand-knit design features” :wink:

If you’d like to post the particular part of the pattern you’re stuck on, and even a photo of what you have knit so far, do so. We’ll try to help you get through the difficult bit!

You CAN do this! :thumbsup:

That’s got to be the single most important piece of advice any new knitter can get. You should print it out on card-stcok and frame it.

I never would have gotten through my first project if I hadn’t read the same advice a few months ago.

Keep it up, we’ve all been there and we’d love to help you out!

Thank you so much dear ladies! :heart: I have actually fixed the mess this afternoon thanks to the encouragement. :thumbsup: I will finish this vest and also I have gotten within “toe length” of the second sock of my first pair!!! You guys are great! :cheering:
Sop 1 in NC
PS I had a voice teacher who told me I would sing 10,000 correct notes and one "sort of " off one and beat myself over the back for a month!! Same goes for the knitting!! I shall forge on!

Was it on this board or another where I read that the Amish deliberately put in an error in what they are making, because only God is perfect?

Makes our little mistakes a bit easier to tolerate when you think of it that way…just say you’re doing it deliberately, like the Amish do. :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: I love that!

Sop 1, I’m so glad you got over that hurdle! :happydance: And wow, you’re zipping along on a sock, too?! Fantastic! :cheering:

:heart: Thank you again. I will keep God’s perfection, and not an attempt on my part, in mind with every new knit or purl! :smiley:
Susan the Sop 1 in NC

Good for you! :thumbsup: Knitting will become fun and relaxing now! I can’t wait to see your work!