Snail Shell Beach Purse

So I am a fairley new knitter. I started learning earley May, but Its so hard for me! Im trying my hand at this Snail Shell Beach Purse thats on the website because I thought it was SO amazing. I casted it onto my circular needle, and its nice so far… except. Of course. Im confused. Gosh. I feel SO aweful, because I just dont understand this, and the level is “Beginner”, I usually get the knack of things so much faster!

Im just having so much trouble trying to understand -

"K across row to within last 4 sts, turn leaving these 4 sts unworked and on needle,
Slip first st of next row as if to knit, knit across to within last 4 sts unworked on needle,
Turn, Slip first st of next row as if to knit, knit across to within last 8 sts on last row worked, turn, "

So please-PLEASE if someone could help me out of the kindness of their soul, I would appreciate it SO much. Im knitting out of stress tonight, hoping to channel all of this into a cute little purse. And oy. Just more angst.



Hi Meag! That sounds like “short row shaping”. There’s instructions at – with PICTURES!

I’ll attempt to describe:
Knitting across whole entire rows makes a flat rectangle. By adding “short-rows”, you knit extra rows in the middle portion of the rectangle. This adds extra fabric in the middle of the rectangle. It becomes 3-D!

Yup! You’re doing shortrows, and Idyll’s explanation is perfect.

Just follow the directions exactly as written and it should work out just fine.