Hi, I’m new at this so I’ll try to make my question brief.
I’m knitting a scarf (own pattern) - basically 20 stitches
across. I’m making blocks of (5 stitches by 5 rows) then
after the first 5 rows I make the next block starting with
stitch 6 thru 10, then after 5 rows, start with 11 thru 15,
then ending with 16-20. The blocks look like “purl” stitches
where the rest of the row is stockinette. Make sense?
It ends up the reverse on the other side.

My question is, the “knit” stitch on either side of the
"purl" block looks “larger” and “looser” then the rest of
the knit stitches in the row. I’ve tried pulling the stitches
before starting each block as tight as possible, but it
doesn’t seem to help.

Is this “lose” stitch normal or am I doing something wrong?

Yes, it is normal and pulling tighter seems to make it worse. Generally the stitches even out after you wash or block it.


Thank you! I’ve started over (decided to put a border
on it) - feel a lot better now that I know it’s right!
After all, Grandkids do deserve the best!

Thank you,