Smoothing out rough bamboo needles

I bought a bunch of bamboo needles and they are not as smooth and silky as my beloved Clover bamboo needles. I would not have bought them if I had known this. What can I do to season the needles so that they are smoother and do not snag as much? I already tried wax paper and it did not help. Should I use oil? I have olive oil at home. Or do I need to go out and buy some kind of wood lacquer? Thanks in advance for your responses.

maybe some fine sand paper?

I’ve found the best way to get a very smooth finish on wood is to get those 3 or 4-way nail buffers. Work from the coarser to finest grit, then buff and it gets silky smooth.

You can rub them with waxed paper after sanding, too.

I rub my bamboo needles together quickly, and rotate them so I grind all sides together.