Smooth Edges For Ribbed Scarf


I would like to make a 1x1 rib or 2x2 ribbed scarf and have heard about ways to make edges look cleaner by slipping stitches. For the first row, if my first stitch is a knit stitch and last stitch is a purled stitch how should i slip the stitch? Knitwise or purlwise? Does this change depending on which side I am on (because the second row would be a purl stitch now) Also, am I to only slip the first stitch of every row?

Thank you!

edit: i mean last stitch is a knit stitch so now the first st on the 2nd row would be a purl. Do I slip this stitch in the same fashion as I do the knit stitch?

Always slip the first stitch purlwise, regardless of what it would be if you were going to work it.