Smooth a rough needle

I have one of Jeff’s ADDIs that I’m noticing a rough spot near the tip of one needle. I thought I may have seen a post about smoothing it out, but couldn’t remember for sure or if it was for a different type of needle.

Does anyone recall or have any solution for this problem?



not for an Addi Turbo
for my Wood ones I use a Good quality emery board (I have vain teenaged daughters)
works great on Bamboo and Birch
not so good on Rosewood
I might get sail cloth canvas to use after I file out the splinters


I remember that post about the Addi. If I recall correctly, she returned it rather than try to sand out the bump and possibly ruin the finish.

My husband plays on a pool team and he likes for his personal pool cue to be very smooth…so he uses 4-O steal wool…if works wonders for wood or bamboo kneedles too.