Smitten with Duplicate Stitch!

I just learned duplicate stitch this weekend and am totally smitten! I noticed that there aren’t many patterns out there for duplicate stitch. I did manage to order some older books (15 years+) from eBay and also Amazon, but was wondering if any of you use Fair Isle patterns and/or design your own patterns? I’m not comfortable designing a pattern for duplicate stitch yet as I’d like to try a few projects first… But I’d love to find more pattern resources. Anyone know of any online resources off the top of your head that you like?

Thanks in advance!

I have added duplicate stitch color work to plain patterns before. It’s not that hard if you use graph paper to chart out the design. For example, I put a duplicate stitch heart on the front of a plain stockinette baby sweater once.

By the way–duplicate stitch is also great for weaving in ends, and you can do it on the purl side. See this article:

I did the Santa on this sweater in duplicate stitch:

I also do most of my weaving of ends in by duplicate stitch. It’s really easy.

Your Santa is wonderful.

The Santa is amazing! :flirt: