Smiley Help!

How do you do the different :blooby: s. :think: One’s with sweaters and stuff. Other faces too!:happydancing: :hug:Thanks for your help!:balloons:


There was a thread recently about them. I tried searching but I get back all of the threads that have them in them. They are called bloobies. That might help you on your quest!

eta: here it is! I just remebered the thread name!


Without the code the easiest way to get one of the colored guy is to right click on the one you like and click copy. I just yanked this guy from Brownish coat. Then you just paste him into you message or sig.

Ok! “dooby”

You can’t use the : marks like you would on a regular emoticon, because they aren’t stored in the same place. You need to right click on the one you want, and click “Copy Image Location” (or something like that) and insert that into your post using [img] tags.

Grrrr… what is the code? Everytime I try one it doesn’t work!:blooby:

Right click the picture, go to “Copy Image Location”, and then paste it into the text box, inside [img_][/_img] tags, minus the _ marks.

It still won’t work!

Find the blooby you want. Right click and select properties. Highlight and copy the URL address that appears on the box. Then, in the message click the “Insert Image” button and paste the URL into that box and you’ll be all set.

For some reason the old boards let us use the img tags but here they do not cooperate. :wall:

Thanks!. :frowning: