Small skeins of yarn for intarsia

I apologize in advance if this is not the correct forum. I’d like to try my hand at intarsia. Can anyone recommend a source for small skeins of wool yarn with lots of color choices? I would really rather not buy 100 yards of every color I need. My yarn of choice these days is Debbie Bliss Rialto DK – although I am open to suggestions for substitutes.


I have seen small skeins of yarn in my LYS, but I don’t remember if they came that way or if they were put together for a kit by the store. I’ve not seen any otherwise, but they may make them. Have you googled it?

Lion Brand makes small skeins called Bonbons:

They’re packaged in color sets and 28-38yds each.

Have you tried DMC?

They used to have small 8 metre (m) lengths and 25m (I think) of wool, they also had cottons too.

I have not looked at them for some time. But did then and they have 390 colours available in 8m lengths (8.7 yards) and 47 colours in 43 yard length skeins.