Small holes by heel

I am working on the gusset now but where I have turned my heel on the sock I am knitting there are small holes in the corners. I don’t know if this is where I picked up the slipped stitches or what. If you stretch it our it looks a little better but something doesn’t look quite right. Any ideas?? If I’m to vague about explaining it I’ll just take the sock to my lys and bug them :wink:

I think most of us have those little holes. I usually pick up an extra stitch where the hole is and decrease it out in the next round or so. HTH

Yes, that is very common. Debi’s suggestion ususally does the trick :wink:

Some of us even pick up [I]two[/I] extra stitches per side: one in the first stitch under the right needle and one in the first stitch under the left needle. Then knit them together on the next round.

By picking up an extra or two stitches does that mean picking a stitch up were the slip stitches where?? There was a space there but I counted my stitch to make sure I picked up the right amount I had the right amount so I left the gap there.

Sorry this is the third thing I’ve knitted only had my grandma here for a weekend a month ago and she managed to teach the knit stitch and purl and how to cable. So everything else is from the internet. Thank God for the www!!


After you pick up the slipped sts (usually one per st) and transition to the sts already on the next needle is usually where the gap occurs. Just pick up one or two extra there like you would with an m1 increase (the bar below) then on the next round knit the extra picked up st with the last st on the needle.

Sometimes, when I finish a sock, I notice a little hole like that. So, I just sew the hole up on the inside of the sock with yarn, then weave in the loose ends, and it looks fine!

I think this is what I will try. I gave it a thought before;). The next sock I’ll try and pick up that extra stitch.
Thanks everyone!!

Been there done that several times!!!

That’s what I’ve done with the 2 pairs of socks I’ve made. When you get to the hole on the purl side p2 tog.

I’m not sure if that makes sense. Silver’s Sock Class explains it well on the heel part of the instructions.

You can also do duplicate stitching to fix that hole.

What does this mean??
What would be the easiest way to fix the second sock?
I’m almost done with the first so when I get to the second one I’ll play around at the heel.