Small brag

I hope y’all don’t mind if I share a little brag. I have been wanting to learn 2 socks on one needle using double knit since I learned of it last year (described in this Knitty article).

I sat down with it once or twice before, but didn’t “get it”. Well, tonight I finally decided I was going to stick with it until I got it. I took two brightly contrasting colors of worsted weight yarn, size 4 DPNs, and went for it. I have read the article many times before, but tonight I really studied the instructions, and since I wasn’t trying to do it w/two balls of the same color sock weight yarn, I “got it”. I can knit and purl w/o crossing the streams (um, strands). I haven’t tried decreasing yet, but now that I get the concept, I think I will be able to do it.

I am so super excited! I have to thank the woman who wrote the Knitty article as well as Amy because I watched her video on double-knitting to help me better understand the concept (Amy’s video is a slightly different technique, but very helpful nonetheless!)

I spend most of my knitting time frogging or otherwise trying to fix mistakes, so it’s nice to have a success once in a while :happydance:

Good for you!

OMG!! that looks soo hard!!! good for you! :thumbsup:

Wow, that looks amazing! You should be proud! And I’m happy you bragged about it, otherwise I perhaps never would have found this tecnique…

I would love to learn how to do that. Do you have a pattern that you use, or just a general sock pattern?

Niiiiice!!! :cheering: That’s one way I have yet to try. :help:

Congrats on accomplishing such a feat! I figure that’s analogous with climbing Mnt Everest for muggles. :notworthy:


Words fail me. You [B][I]are[/I][/B] the (wo)man.

Wow!!! I tried that a while back and could NEVER get it! I am making 2 socks on one circ now so I’ve decided to let it go, but way to go for you!!!

:woot:bip that is wonderful!! I want to try that as well… :woot:

:woohoo: That is great!! I totally get the theory, I am just so not coordinated to do double knit. I’ve tried many times and have even taught people how to do it, I just can’t do it well myself. It would definitely slow me down!! Good for you, though!! That is fantastic! :notworthy: , :yay:, and :cheering: to you!

:cheering: I’ve tried it now… it wasn’t as difficult as I thought! For the first row I had to pick up and drop the yarn, but on the second row I tried that combined knitting, and it actually behaved!

Right Cia? It isn’t as hard as it seems! I think what helped me was reading a site about double knitting where it talked about getting into the rhythm.

I still need to go back and watch Amy’s continental video. I can knit fine, but can’t purl well at all. Makes purling that back strand very sloooowwww.

I don’t need any more socks, but I think I am going to make these mittenswith my newfound skill. I just happen to have the perfect yarn - some really thin cashmere that my mom’s friend found in sweater-form at a thrift shop.

Well acutally for me it’s the opposite, I’m a continental knitter, and I have troubles keeping the tension while purling. but you’re right it isn’t all that difficult once one gets in to the rhythm.

Can you please tell me what site you read to explain double knitting? I have watched the video, but my brain still does not get it.


Maybe next year LOL

Kudos to you for being able to do that. Yeesh, I read through a bit of that and I’m feeling kind of :eyes: right now

msmelody: the page I learned from is the knitty article which is linked to on the second/third row of the first post in this thread.

:yay: Congrats on your success! :yay: Way to go! :yay:


Oh my … I am definately not ready for those!!