Small beginings

Here is the poncho start (ripped out and begun again from 0 after geting 1/2 way up- it was in differnt pieces and I decided I hate seeming so, this is how it was going to be). It takes forever this way, since my rows have gone from 26 to 92 stitches, but what can you do.

The saxon braid is from

I will post more when it is done!

(Oh and it is on a fabulous yarn called london, on size 6mm needles)

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Beautiful pattern!

That is beautiful! And, will be worth your trouble. :lol:

Ooooh!! Looks beautiful. I love the braid pattern! The green yarn is pretty too.

:smiley: Gorgeous…I just love the saxon braid pattern

Lovely pattern, it’sgoing to look great! :lol:

Looks really lovely :smiley: Keep up the good work! :XX: :XX: :XX:

Love the braiding, looks gorgeous!

Very pretty! Great color! :thumbsup:

Very pretty!

very beautiful!

Gorgeous cablework!! It’s going to be stunning!

Love the color and the cables!!!

Very beautiful! My friend from knitting group just started a scarf with a saxon braid. It’s fun to knit, I bet!

I can’t wait to see how that looks when it’s finished!

And the poncho grows

Been working a bit, so I thought I would put a little update on the poncho

Even more stunning… I’m in awe of those cables! :inlove:

Wow, the cables are awesome! Can’t wait to see it finished…sorry you had to rip it out though :frowning: