Sm diameter knitting w/2 circs: laddering problem!

So I am using the two circulars method of knitting some little mitts for my newborn cousin (sooo cute!). And I’m finding that I’m getting laddering of the stitches where the stitches switch from one circ to the other.

Anyone else had this happen? How did you prevent it? Usually on DPNs I move a stitch from one needle to the other every few rows to change it up, but this is very inconvenient to do on two circulars and would really slow down my knitting time.

:?? Any experience or thoughts on this one?

I haven’t had laddering so much as bunching. I found that the longer the needles are, the less it happens. Also I find I have to be careful with my tension when I switch over, but the longer needles helped tremendously.

It was a dropped stitch. :rollseyes: Thanks. I haven’t had the bunching problem but apparently I have difficulty not having the stitches fall off the end of the nonworking needle.

Do you pull the needle through after you finish that side? I pull the needle so the stitches not being worked are on the cord–not a chance of falling off. At least it was a dropped stitch rather than a general problem.

Oh, I’m just totally frustrated…I was trying to knit a hat and mitts for my baby cousin. First the hat came out too big. Then I ran out of yarn in the middle of the second mitten (the one I kept dropping stitches on). And then I tried to frog the hat and ruined the icord top trying to do so - it’s Moda Dea cutesie and apparently not unravelable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Um but what I was doing was knitting the first stitch or two with the loops on the needle itself then pulling through to the cord, per Amy’s video instructions. If there is no ill effect of knitting that side, then pulling the stitches onto the cord while starting the other side, I think I’ll do that. Much easier.