Slub Yarn?

A friend gave me two balls of Nob Hill Yarns Jewel Sparkle. She tried knitting with it but said she couldn’t get it to work right.
Now that I’ve got it, I cannot figure out what I am to do with it. Does anyone know of good pattern ideas I can use for it?
I’m worried because of how uneven it is.

What is the name of the yarn?

Let’s see… how about fingerless mitts? A hat?

It’s Nob Hill Yarns; Jewel Sparkle.
Would the uneven-ness of the yarn make good fingerless gloves?

Oh duh…you said in your first post. :doh: I think it would be good for most anything that is a simple pattern. Pattern stitches don’t always show up very well with the thick and thin yarns. I checked on Ravelry (which you should join btw…awesome place to look up yarn and patterns!) and there were only a few people who’ve used it, but what I saw looked nice. Here’s a few of the patterns used. They have used different yarns in the pattern pictures, but it’s close to the same weight so you’ll be okay with these I think.

And here’s a few others that use bulky…



I think that yarn may have been discontinued. I’d have a little fun with it if I could.