Slow knitting is now NO knitting-update page 3

I am a fairly quick knitter and it doesnt take me long to complete a project. WELL I’m now back into my soft cast on my right hand (I’m a lefty) . My tendinitis/carpal tunnel is acting up. I don’t know if its cause I sleep on my hands, yes I know this a no no or the cooler weather is bugging it but OY its taking me all day to get a dish cloth knitted.

So back to the doctor I shall be going if it doesnt calm down on its own. Now whre is that ginormaus bottle of Celebrex they gave me.

Bummer! I hope they feel better soon!

:hug: :pout: I hope you are feeling better real soon!!

Awww…you poor thing!

Me thinks a couple of Amaretto Sours would fix you up nicely. :teehee:


Feel better soon!

Girl those will do more than fix me up nicely. You coming over to join me?

You know it!!! :thumbsup:

Hope ya feel better soon.

I used to subscribe to the “no pain no gain” idea but these days it’s more “no pain…is a good thing”.

I can REALLY feel for you, because I’ve not knit one stitch in over three weeks due to pain. This is really getting me down, and I’m feeling sorry for myself, and anyone else frustrated by this problem.

:clink: The quicker fixer-upper!!

I have both hands right now that are killing me. My right hand has two trigger fingers and they are really bad. I can’t even bend my fingers without them locking up.
My hands keep me up all night long the left hand is numb and the right one also numb with the fingers locked up.
I don’t go and see the doctor until next week. I just know he is going to tell me not to knit any time soon. Oh what to do:cry: I would take the drink but don’t drink:ick:.
All this for a beautiful stole, I just has to get it done the old pain no gain thing. Well I am paying for it now.:sad: So as I wear it I think I made this and maybe never knit again. :pout: Ya right never knit again. I told my dh no way am I going to give it up. I may take a few weeks off but that would be it.
So I hope you are feeling better knittMitchie I know what you are feeling.


I know how you feel, last summer I had it in my shoulder, it still bothers if I sit and knit too long. Yeah Celebrex and a drink aught to fix you right up!!!

YEAH for Celebrex and Knitting. I have been doing both for quite a while now. :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

I am going on a no knitting spell. This in now way means that I will not be busy with some sort of a projects. I’ve got enough fiber to spin and I can still crochet SEE being a lefty comes in “handy”. I will be calling the doctor later on today and seeing if I can get an appt which will mean I’ll be seeing a specialist YEAH

You poor thing, I hope you feel better soon!

My normal doctor is out of town this week but he has a nurse practitioner in. I got Friday morning at 8 am to have it checked out. We think its just a tendinitis flair up but we shall see.

am sometimes plagued by painful hands–left thumb especially. so, i learned to knit continental as well as ‘english’ and if the pain is aggravated by one method, it usually helps to switch to the other. not knitting at all is a scary thought!! linknit41

I have tried Continental and it just feels wrong. I can crochet so it satisfies my needs to craft. Plus I can spin which I can spend HOURS doing if people let me be.

I’m home from the doctor and have an appt Wednesday Nov 5th with the Neurologist for a Nerve Study. I have carpal Tunnel in my right hand/wrist but we don’t know how bad it is at this point. There is a possibility I will be having surgery before the end of the year.

Before you’re committed to surgery, I would suggest getting massage first, and/or acupuncture. Many times CTS symptoms are caused by tight muscles in the arm, neck and shoulder, and acupuncture is terrific at relieving pain. It may take a couple times each, but it’s much less invasive than surgery, which may not always make it better.