Slouchy mohair cardigan wool dupe

Hi all,

I’ve seen a pattern for a mohair cardigan online:

However, it uses ‘Fashion Kid Light Schachenmayr’, which I’m struggling to source in the UK. The composition is as follows: 38% nylon, 33% acrylic and 30% mohair. I began using a wool with 70% mohair and it was a big mistake as it was far too thin and fluffy.

I’ve tried to find dupes but most ones with mohair seem to be 70% mohair, which I think is the issue? I was wondering if anyone knows of any yarn I can use that would give the same look as on the pattern?

Thanks in advance!



Have you looked at You type in the yarn in question and they give you some substitute ones.

Hope it helps


I’ll check it out - thank you for your response :smiley: