Slouchy hat issue

I have made about 5 slouchy hat patterns and they all come out huge! The CO stitches range from 80-to 100, which always turns out too big. Does anyone have a pattern preferably using straight needles bit not necessary. Thank u!

What weight yarn are you using? We need that to find a pattern for you.

It’s possible that you knit loosely and may need to go down a needle size, too.

I will just buy new yarn according to ur pattern. I knit tight…the yarn I used was 4.5oz 128g with needle size 4.5mm then switched to 5mm, for the last pattern I used, thank u!!

You know, most of the slouch hats I’m seeing DO look huge! There seems to be a difference in style… mostly just a longer hat that kind of falls over the back of the head or one that has a lot of increase from the brim to create a wide hat that would accommodate a huge amount of hair. Which one are you going for here? I’d say the first type would be the easiest to get to fit. Here’s a link to Ravelry with the search of slouch hats. You can filter for free and more on the left.

You could also take regular hat that fits like a typical beanie and increase a few stitches after the brim is done then knit for longer than the standard beanie.

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Deffinatlly don’t have a ton of hair enough for those huge hats lol…thank u for ur help. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t crazy with these patterns!