Slouch Hat pattern questions

I said questions in the title but I only have one for now but I am sure I will have more later because there are a few things I haven’t done before.

So my question now is

I am to do
K3,P1,K1,P1 for 10 rounds then it says

Switch to larger needles for increase row


When I am done the 10 rounds and have to switch for increase row, do i knit the increase row right off the smaller needle with the bigger needle? Or do I slip all the stitches from the small needle to the larger needle then do the increase?

I guess you [I]could[/I] slip the sts to the larger needle, but you don’t need to bother, and they’ll be tight and difficult to work. It’s quicker and easier to just knit from the needle they’re already on. In fact, when knitting in the round I routinely use a smaller left needlet. It just makes it all easier and faster.

It’s easier to knit right onto the larger needle and there’s less chance of dropping any if you do. It’s the R needle that makes the st size, and since you’re going up to a larger needle the sts on the small ones would be too tight to slip them to the larger.