Slouch hat and Man's beanie

Two more hats headed to Denver. The slouch was made with a yarn I found at Tuesday morning. The man’s hat is made with a Cascade washable.

Very nice, both of them!

Those look great…although the blue one looks funny like that! :lol: Great colors!

IT STRETCHES! You gotta love LYSOL containers for head demonstrators!!! They work great too, to put yarn in…built in pull separator.

Lucky Denver! Your hats are perfect and will certainly please the recipients. I expecially love the blue color.

Those are really nice. The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was “Oh a hat for Marge Simpson!” lolol They look great and I really love the slouchy one. Amazing where you can find great yarn sometimes.

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Love both! I’m partial to the slouch hat! Nice design stitch and color!

Nice hats! I know that blue one will great on a regular head. :lol: Good job on both of them.