Slouch Beanie

I’m a newby at knitting. I really want to make a slouch beanie because I lost the one I had. I had this one:

I would like to make pretty much the same thing, maybe a little longer. Anybody has a pattern for a beanie like that? Or anybody makes them?

Ack…your avatar kinda creeps me out! :zombie:

Anyway… there are tons of slouch hats.All you really need is the basic formula and then can make it as simple as you want. Here’s a few.

Thanks to all of my kids’ friends, I’ve collected over 50 slouchie beanie cap patterns. They’re fun to knit and quick. Yours loos great! :cheering:

AngelaR, do you think you can share one of your patterns similar to the one on the picture?

There’s a similar one called Felicity; it doesn’t have ribbing but you can do that for an inch or two after you cast on, then change to stockinette.