Sloppy trebles

I’ve got a pattern for wrist warmers:

Drops Karisma wool is 50g=100m. I’m using a DK acrylic that I reckon is 50g=150m. So my yarn should be longer and thinner (slightly).

Their guage is 18tr = 10cm on 4.5mm hook.

I tried 4mm, then 3.5mm, now I’m down to 3.0mm and my swatch is still 11cm.
The 3mm hook was too small for this yarn, but my swatch is still out. Am I somehow making sloppy trebles?

You may be using a yarn that’s heavier than that in the pattern which looks like it’s a DK or sport yarn.

That could well be true, but seems weird seeing as it is longer for the same weight?

Given that I dont have any yarn that is thinner in my stash, is there anything I can do?

Use the hook size that gives you a fabric you like, not too stiff and not too open, and use less stitches. Work about 1 shell less across, maybe two less, you’ll have to figure out how many you need to get the size you want.

Mass and length are just two parts of the “weight” the third part is the density. Wool is more dense than plastic, so their is less thickness for the same weight and length.
What we call yarn “weight” is how we categorize the thickness of the fiber. The other way is to count the number of ply in the yarn the the equivalent ply for unstranded fibers.

Another way to measure and categorize the thickness of a fiber is to count the wraps per inch (WPI).

Now, can anyone guess the movie referenced in the title wording I chose? :wink: [/COLOR]

That could well be true, but seems weird seeing as it is longer for the same weight?

If it’s longer for the same weight that seems as though it’s a thinner yarn. A lot depends on the fiber composition - for instance, cotton is much heavier than wool so 50g of cotton yarn is about 80-90 yds while 50g of wool is about 110-120 yds. But if they’re nearly the same fiber then your yarn is thinner.

Well the acrylic is 50% longer than the Karisma wool and that is all that mass and length will tell you. Their gauge of 18tr = 10cm can lead you to a wraps per cm but I don’t know where a conversion table is to link too. Thickness is a mater of fluffiness and density and so the fact they are both 50g doesn’t mean the longer one is thiner. I tend to think of acrylic as light weight for the thickness it has. :think: [/COLOR]

Thanks for all the help :muah:

You guys are absolutely right, my fuzzy brain had forgotten that wool is heavier than plastic :aww:

I had a closer look at the yarn I was using. It really didn’t LOOK all that different, but when you held it up against some of my other stash ones and squished and pulled it, yes it was thicker.

I have ditched the navy blue and found a dark brown. 3.5mm hook and a couple less trebles and I’m away.

I should also have done the swatch the way the pattern is, which is one row tr, one row sc, that holds the sloppy top of my trebles together.

Once I got to the shells it seems OK.
And I leant a lot along the way, which is COOL :yay:

Would like to know more on wraps per cm though, not heard of that one?

We call it wraps per inch, there’s a table for it at the bottom of this page on yarn weights.