Slipping the first stitch

I am trying to design for a recent request. I have to knit a swatch in my pattern and am designing a scarf as well. My question is my edges. If I am not doing garter edges they always come out sloppy and loose. I would prefer not to do garter edges. If I am slipping the first stitch for neater edges, Do I: (1)Slip the stitches according to pattern? and (2) When I slip as if to purl, is the yarn at the front or back (same question for the slip as if to knit)? A quick response would be great as I have a deadline to meet and need to get my swatch and ideas ready. Thanks.

Slip the first stitch as if to purl…yarn is held in front. If your next stitch is knit move yarn to back; if the next stitch is purled hold yarn in front. Knit the last stitch of every row. The slipped stitch gets knit every other row and you end up with a slightly elongated knit stitch on both ends of your scarf…very neat looking!

Good luck with your design!

Judy gave you the info for slipping. :thumbsup:

I want to add though that if you don’t do some edge on it it will curl. You need about 5 rows all the way around of a non curling edge if you’re doing stockinette.

Or 5 sts at the begin and end of a row.