Slipping sts

New here. Knitting a baby cardigan in one piece to armhole. Says slip all sts onto needle in following order…left front, sleeve,back, sleeve, right front. The BACK if my work is facing me. After slipping all these sts will the FRONT of my work be facing me because the pattern says the wrong side should be the next row.
Hope I haven’t confused anyone.

Welcome to the forum!
Are you working on a circular needle or a straight needles? This order works if you are using a circular needle but not on a straight needle where the right front would be at the needle tip. On a circular needle you would begin by slipping the sts in the order given with the outside or public side or right side (RS) facing you.

Then turn so the inside or private side or wrong side of the work is facing you to begin knitting. You’ll begin knitting on the wrong side (WS) of the left front (left front as you would wear the cardigan).
Do you have the yarn strand attached at the left front ready to work the WS row or do you need to attach a new strand of yarn to begin knitting?
What is the name of your pattern and designer?