Slipping stitches

Hi - I’m fairly new to knitting. I’ve only been knitting for about a month and other than dishcloths and a capelet that I’m making for my niece haven’t knitted anything else.

I am making the Balaclava Hood from Bernat. You can see a picture of it [B]HERE[/B]. It is done on circular needles up until I do the shaping of the top.

My question is about slipping stitches. I’ve never done this before. I’ve done 5 inches of K1, P1 ribbing and then six rows of stocking st like the pattern calls for. Now they would like me to knit 81 stitches and then slip the last 27 stitches onto a stich holder. Will I just continue to knit in the round and slip those stitches each row or will I need to work those 81 stitches as 1 row knit and 1 row pearl? I guess I’m confused.

Thanks in advance for any help.

No, put the sts on a holder - a piece of scrap yarn would be best because it’s flexible - then forget them for a while. You may start knitting flat for a while instead of in the round, but you just word on the 81 sts. Read ahead a little in the pattern, I think you’ll probably knit in stockinette instead of ribbinig.

Yes the pattern calls for the stocking stitch and not the ribbing. So I just slip those stitches onto a holder and forget all about them. I will then work the stocking stitch flat by k 1 row and p 1 row right?

Yes that’s right. I’ve seen similar patterns, and later when you’re done, you take those stitches off the holder and pick up stitches around the face for the ribbing.

Thank you for your help. I thought that is what I needed to do but I just couldn’t see how. I’ve done a few inches now and its working out great! :knitting:

Now I’ll just need to figure out the ribbing. That sounds confusing!

I see you are from Minnesota - so am I! I live in Hutchinson.

No way really? I live in Stewart! We go to church in Hutchinson so we are there constantly! What a small world. :stuck_out_tongue: