Slipping Stitches wyif and wyib--ANSWERED

So, I have a pattern where it tells me to slip stitches w/ yarn in front and sometimes w/ yarn in back. The yarn to the front and back thing I get. I just wanted to make sure of something though–when I slip a stitch, whether the yarn is in front or back, I always slip it purlwise, right? Not purlwise if the yarn is in front and knitwise if the yarn is in back, right? Thanks in advance!

Yes, I think you have it. I have heard you slip purlwise unless the pattern tells you differently OR if the slip is part of a decrease, like slip 1, k1, PSSO, then you use slip knit wise. I did it purl wise for years and the earth still stands. LOL

Thank you! Just wanted to make sure before I screwed something up royally! :slight_smile:

You can’t permanently screw up knitting, you can always take it out if something doesn’t work.

Wait a minute…You’re always supposed to slip purlwise unless the pattern says different? I thought that if you were on a knit row that you were supposed to slip knitwise and if you were on a purl row that you slip purlwise? Is that wrong? I guess “the earth still stands” :rofl: for me, too, but this is something new I’m learning.

Slip knitwise unless it’s a decrease or the pattern says otherwise, though I sometimes slip purlwise at the beginning of a purl row. If you’re just slipping in the middle of the row to move the stitch and it will be worked on the next row, you need to slip pwise so it won’t be twisted.