Slipping stitches purlwise on DPNs

I’m trying to learn how to knit on DPNs. In the pattern it says to slip the next stitch purlwise. Should my yarn be in the front of my work or the back of my work. I’ve been pulling it to the front, but my pattern isn’t looking like any of the pictures. I’m also new to this forum, so I hope I have done this right. I appreciate your help.


Where your yarn goes depends on the pattern directions. Usually it will say wyib (with yarn in back) or wyif (with yarn in front) somewhere. As a general rule, if it doesn’t say, keep the yarn to the back.

Purlwise in this case is solely about how you place the needle, not about how you place the yarn.

Thank you for your help! It doesn’t say in the directions, so I’m going to give them another try with the yarn in the back.