Slipping Stitches Help, Please

Hi Everyone,

When a pattern tells you to, for example, “K1, Sl1, all the way across”–do you slip the stitches knit-wise or purl-wise?

Also, generally, when told to slip stitches, is that supposed to match whatever stitch you’re doing, or is there a general rule about which way to slip?

Confused and desperate,

always asssume if something says to Sl1 to slip it purl wise unless noted elsewise! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Pixie, but does that include in the middle of a pattern, such as when it says “K1,Sl1, across”–do I slip the stitch purl-wise or knit-wise in this case?

helped but still a bit confused,

Yeap includes rest of the pattern, unless its noted to slip it knit wise, always slip purl wise, if you don’t slip purl wise, when you go to knit the next row, your stitch will be twisted and thats not so pretty :slight_smile: So for general rule of thumb always slip purlwise unless told. I really hope im helping, and not helping confuse you more! :wink:

The exception to `always slip pwise’ (there’s always an exception!) is when it’s a decrease, as in ssk, or sl1, k1, psso. But in this case, you slip every other stitch purlwise.


My understanding is always slip purlwise with 2 exceptions:

unless the pattern specifies knitwise
unless the slipped stitch is going to be passed over the stitch/es knit immediately after. like sl1 k1 psso (in this case the knitwise slipping is actually untwisting it when it get dropped).

But for a sock heel flap I prefer to twist deliberately all the way across on the slipped stitches, sometimes you might want to change it.

Yep, everyone eventually figures out how bending the `rules’ can work better for them. :wink:


Wow, thank you everyone for all your help! This actually makes sense to me now :slight_smile: In fact, I think I’ll copy and print out your answers on my “Oh-My-God-What?” chart that I keep for knitting :slight_smile:

What about slipping stitches at the beginning or end of row to prevent loose edges? Do we do it purlwise too?

This might sound silly, but would you mind sharing that list with us? It might really help down the road…

Keeping a list like that is a great idea!!! I think I’m going to start too… :thumbsup:

Not at all! When I get the thing organized (on my computer–I have sad and sorry techno-skillz) I’ll just post it. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the help!


Ooh, I’d love a copy, too! What a good idea! I just keep coming back to KH and looking the same thing up over and over.:wall::wall::wall: Your list would be a much more portable solution!