Slipping stitches at the end of a row

Need pattern help. :slight_smile: I’m knitting the “Aran Pocketbook” from “Bags, A Knitter’s Dozen.” Pattern is by Edie Eckman for Knitter’s Magazine. (found these images in a cool blog:

Here’s the portion that’s confusing to me, it’s the first rows of the “flap”:

Purl to last 3 sts, sl 3.
Repeat last row 7 times more.

So if I slip the last 3, then turn the work, do I just drag the working yarn over to where I slipped the stitches and purl them, and then the yarn is just dangling out there?

From the picture, it looks like that’s exactly what you’d do. If you look at the part of the flap to the right of the button, it looks like there’s a strand of yarn right on the edge. I’ve never done this type pattern before, but usually when you just follow the pattern, no matter how crazy it may sound, it works out. Try it and see.

I think that makes an I cord edging.

I love this bag–which Knitter’s magazine is it in–I would love to make this.