slipping first stitch

Ive been watching the video’s on here and I came across the slip the first stitch instead of working it so I don’t have a loose first stitch (which I sometimes do have). Is it always okay to slip the first stitch or will it cause issues with some patterns? I have found sometimes I have to go an extra stitch in when I join because the first one is too loose and even pulling the stitches around it doesn’t tighten it up enough.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve heard pros and cons. Slipping the first stitch can make a nice edge for things knit flat like a blanket, but for some things that need to be seamed like a cardigan many don’t recommend it. So It’s kind of personal choice I think.

You might make a few small swatches to see what the difference is.

Ooh I didn’t know you could do that! I watched a video on it, it looks really useful. Can you only do it if you’re knitting the next stitch? That’s what the video I watched seemed to imply…

Thanks guys!