slipping first stitch purlwise (buttonhole row)

Hi knitters,

When I work on my buttonhole row I’m instructed to slip the first stitch (I assume purlwise). I can never get it to look nice. The place where I slipped the stitch sticks out like a sore thumb. I then tried slipping the stitch with the working yarn held BEHIND, the way you do it when making a slip selvedge edge (purlwise). I think it looks kind of better. Does anyone do it this way?

EDITED TO ADD: I had a look at a Youtube video from “Very Pink Knits”, and she explains that the default way to slip a stitch purlwise is indeed with the yarn in the back.

I know you posted this a while ago, I was trying to go through and answer questions that got no response. I’m guessing you are done with the project by now, but here’s what I do for button holes… I bind off the stitches. When I come back to the bound off stitches I cast on however many I bound off the previous row.