Slippery Sock yarn

I’m looking for suggestions on needles for very slippery sock yarn ("Supersocke Silk). My (size zero) 20 inch Addi Turbos are just too slippery. I ordered the Turbo Lace (which don’t come in 20 inches) but I’m not sure I’ll like the 24 inch length or if it will even have enough bite for this yarn.

I’m new to knitting but have completed two pairs of socks so far (on two size 3 and 1 circular needles ) and the yarn didn’t feel anywhere near as slippery as this one. I’m having a rough time but I would like to finish the project. On this new project I’m knitting two socks at a time on two circular needles (with my other projects I only tried knitting one at a time).

I’m looking forward to all suggestions.

Bamboo or other wood is often used for socks because it’s grippier.

Thanks so much for your suggestion…I just ordered the knitpick harmony needles. Unfortunately, the only experience I’ve had with bamboo was an awful Clover circular with bumps on the cable that continually snagged my yarn. I wonder if I might like the Addi Bamboo circulars better. Does anyone have any thoughts on comparing the two (Addi Bamboo verses Knitpick wood for socks)…or even another brand of needles that might have a little bite?

The bad news is I lost all the stitches on one of the socks I was working on…the needle slipped out of half the stitches when I went to store it. Yep, hangs head in shame I got upset and decided to rip all the stitches out…it was just too difficult a job to pick them all up and figure out what row I was on. I decided to try working that slippery yarn at a later date when I have the proper equipment.

As for the Addi Turbos…I absolutely love them with other “not so slippery” yarn. I also prefer them over the pointy knitpick harmony needles in the larger sizes…we’ll see if that’s still the case with sock yarn. I can’t wait to receive my new needles to try them out.

Happy Knitting,


I too find that wood or bamboo needles are better on some of the more ‘slippery’ yarns. Overall, the Addi turbos are my personal favorites, but I have several bamboo needles, most of which are Clover Takumi and I haven’t had any problems with them.
I haven’t tried any of the Knitpicks wood needles. Do you like them?

As soon as I receive them and work with them I will most certainly let you know. :slight_smile:

Sorry it took me so long to respond, but I’m still experimenting with all types of needles. So far I like the knit picks harmony needles best for slippery sock yarn, but they do snap easily. My husband accidentally snapped one just moving my knitting bag (naturally that compelled me to buy at least 4 more to replace it :thumbsup: ). I also tried the ChiaoGoo Red lace needles which are certainly not as slippery as the Addis (lace and turbo) but still not as easy to work with as the fragile wooden harmony needles. I’m also not sure I’m crazy about the tips.

Anyway, I just hope I get really good at making socks so I can use all these needles I purchased.

Currently, I’m using two Knit Picks size 24 circular needles on my sock project and my stitches are very happy.

Robin, I just can’t believe that your Harmony needle snapped that easily just from your husband moving your knitting bag. I don’t have the whole set, but I’ve been using a pair for knitting cotton dishcloths. Putting quite a bit of pressure on those points/needles. Maybe you just happened to get a faulty set. It can happen even with the best of products. Knit Picks is very good about replacing needles…no questions asked. IMO they are top quality. Good luck with your slippery sock yarn. Jeanie

Oh yes…they can easily snap (I could tell the first day I received them). The US size one harmony needles, I’m sure, are smaller and more delicate than your dishcloth needles. (I also can’t imagine my larger knit pick needles snapping so easily.) Honestly, I don’t feel it was knit picks fault that the needle broke so I would never ask them to replace it. I knew it was delicate when I received it and should have taken better care of it. I bought 3 needles to replace it. One circular to replace the actual needle and two others to have an extra back up set. :wink: