Slippery bamboo needles

I am trying to knit the lovely doily washcloth that Letha75 did. However, I must have picked up the most slipperly bamboo DPNs they had in the store. The yarn just slides off! Is there a way I can “rough” them up a little?

hmmm… my bamboo needles aren’t slippery… but i suppose you could take some really really really fine grit sand paper to them… might help… since they are wood… but I dunno if it would work or not… I don’t wanna ruin your needles :slight_smile:

WOW, you must have gotten the only pair. I don’t really like bamboo needles b/c I feel like the yarn sticks to them and I have to work too hard to move it along.

I would normally say, “why, bamboo’s not slippery!” but I’ve been using a set of bamboo dpns and they’re the slickest needles I’ve picked up in awhile! And they’re just plain ol’ Crystal Palace. But I kinda like them that way…so I guess I can’t help you out :shifty:

The ones I am using are Takumi, I believe. After checking the rest of mine out tonight, they seem to be a little more on the slicker side than the othersl. I love Crystal Palace DPNs. I have a few pair for socks. But the store that carries Crystal Palace is about 50 miles away, I had to settle for the Takumi’s.