Hi All
I’m about to start my first slippers using double pointed needles and the first line states;
Note: slipper is worked with 2 strands held together.

What does this mean?

Is it that you knit with 2 strand rather than one to give the slipper thickness?

Natalie :slight_smile:

Yup. What pattern? I always want to see what people are doing. Guess that makes me knit-voyeur?

Love seeing what peeps are doing too, it gives you lots of ideas but also a never ending list

Those are adorable. I want the pattern but I won’t give them all my info just to get it. I there some way around giving them my address and stuff? I wouldn’t even give them my real name.

Not sure really I just gave false info except my email, I keep an email address for junk and one for personal stuff.:wink:

OK, I did it but it won’t let me download. Maybe it’s a browser setting. I’ll try it with Chrome and see if that works. Thanks.

ETA: I finally got it! Thanks for the link. In the past I’ve found sites tell me that the name and address aren’t right. LOL

send me your email and I’ll send it to you.

But I’m stuck again!!

it says;
with second needle pick up one stitch in end of of each odd numbered row?


All you have to do is enter an email, no other information. When you go back to the site, you just enter the email address again, no usernames or passwords needed.

They just want you to pick up and knit in every other stitch along a side edge.

I’m looking at the pattern. You’re at Row 20? I don’t do dpns much so I’m trying to make sense of it. I suspect I’ll wing it on slippers and borrow the face and mane part. I’ll look some more; otherwise, here’s some of the pattern, and if I post too much it will have to be edited, for others to see.

SLIPPER (make 2)
Note: Slipper is worked with two
strands held together.
Row 1: With gold, cast on 2 sts, knit
(K) across.
Row 2: K Inc in first st, K 1. (3)
Rows 3–4: K across.
Row 5: K Inc in first st, K across. (4)
Rows 6–17: Repeat rows 3–5
consecutively. (8)
[Note: For small size, omit rows 18–19.]
Rows 18–19: K across.
Note: At end of row 19 [17], do not turn.
Row 20 [18]: With second needle, pick
up one st in end of each odd-num-
bered row, (9) [8], turn; with sepa-
rate needle, K 8 [7], purl § 1; with
separate needle, K 8; with third nee-
dle, pick up one st in end of each
odd-numbered row. (26) [24]
Note: For remainder of Slipper, change
needles following established pattern.