These slippers are the only things I know how to make (so far!) My mother taught me how to make them and she learned the pattern from her mother. I often make them for Christmas presents along with a bottle of foot lotion or the like. They’re really easy to make since you just knit every row and in the end you just sew up the seams. The inside of the slipper is insulated by twisting the yarn and drawing it up behind the knitting. I just discovered today that this is known as fair isle, right?

Anyways, here are the pics:

It does look similar to fair isle, but maybe just a tad different. It’s hard to tell from the pictures. I really like those though! Very cute!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Odd that the picture would come out making the bottom edge look so fuzzy and…fake. I promise I really did cast on stitches, I didn’t scribble it in with magic marker.

Hmm, since you say it looks similar but possibly different, I wonder if it started out as fair isle but my grandmother changed something before handing the pattern down. I know she “perfected” her technique in making them by making other changes to the pattern, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she modified that, too.

If anybody has ever seen these slippers or even just the pattern for them before, I’d love to know it. My mother calls them “doe shoes” but isn’t sure why they’re called that and neither of us knows how my grandmother acquired the pattern. They’re such a staple in my family (everyone has a pair…and I’ve even started infiltrating them into my husband’s side of the family) that I am curious about the pattern’s history (if it even has one.)

Anyways, I’m rambling (bad habit!) Thanks again for taking a peek! :slight_smile:

They kind of look like the Phentex slippers. They have them in stripes and in checkerboard. I’m sure there are plenty of variations.

Those are really neat!

:happydance: They look great!!

I would imagine that all our grandmas who knit often ‘perfected’ their patterns. :teehee: What looks different to me is the zigzaggy effect of the stranding. I could be wrong though and it could just be standard fair isle. It doesn’t really matter because it works fine. :thumbsup:

If anybody has ever seen these slippers or even just the pattern for them before, I’d love to know it.

Here’s a few that are the same idea, but probably not quite the same. I’m sure there are more… :think:

Those are so cool!:thumbsup: