Slippers/socks for a big footed man

lol my dad has like size 13 feet n i need a good pattern for his size. also something simple that a beginner can make. i know hed really love a good pair of slippers/socks

As far as actual socks, any pattern can be made to fit a bigger foot simply by increasing the length of the foot of the sock before starting knitting the toe portion. That is, as long as the sock pattern is large enough for around the ankle and the top of the foot. I’m sorry, I don’t have any actual man’s sock patterns off the top of my head but if you visit there are loads and loads of patterns in many different categories, including socks and slippers.

Good luck.

I looked around, just in the free patterns section of this site and found these Bigfoot Socks. It says that it fits a man’s 12-13.

FIBER TRENDS CLOGS!!! The largest size on the pattern is a men’s 13…

:thinking: I thought Bigfoot socks would be, I don’t know, hairier or something. :thinking:

Bugger… DH is a size 16 …

Is that US 16, or AUS 16? Is there a difference? And, also, OOOMMMMGGGGG! :shock: How TALL is he???

[size=2](KellyK will NOT say anything about “what they say about men with big feet”. She WILL NOT. NO NO NO, BAADDDD KELLYK!!!)[/size]

We all know what men with big feet have-----

big socks!

:rollseyes: Thank you, Ingrid.

Here’s a great free pattern that I love to make:

:slight_smile: kimmie

Size 16US. Which is the same in Aus roughly… women’s sizing is different.

And he’s 6’3"

when Googling up the words ‘shoe size chart’ (to help me with cloggy sizing), the second result touches on this. well, sorta :shock: :rofling:.

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And, OMG it’s SO WRONG!!!

thanks guys…i really didnt need the thought of what a man with bg feet means, when its concerning my DAD!! and u know, before i posted this, i was thinking “well, these ladies wont make any jokes like that…they arnt like my weird teenage school girl friends, they r more mature, theyve grown past all that”…i guess somethings dont change lol

Oh come on… you KNEW we’d do it… :stuck_out_tongue:

hehehehehehehhe <-- laughing like an idiot… am in the STRANGEST mood today!

Since you only have 49 posts at this time, I will forgive you that line of thinking. :wink: