Slippers from Phentex

Hi everyone;
I am still knitting my Hat but I would like to know if anyone has made the slippers out of phentex yarn . My husband loves the slippers because they are so thick and esay on the feet (he has problems with his bones and needs lots of cushion.) we have been buying them at craft sales but if I could learn to knit them he would be so happy . If you have a pattern or know if they are hard to make let me know .

I dont know about the phentex pattern, but I just received the Fiber Trends Felted Slippers pattern. My LYS owner had a pair she had knitted out for display. The sole on those things ends up being 1/2" thick! They are WONDERUFL! AND, with the knitpicks Wool, you only end up spending 5 for the pattern and like 15 for enough yarn to make the men’s size! I cant wait to get started on mine!

I googled it and found this pattern. Hope it’s what you’re looking for! :smiley:

Thanks Kelly for the link. I think the pattern Julie sent is what I am looking for but I am not sure how to actually knit them. If I cast on the # of stiches and knit 6 how do I join the second color?
I am not sure what they mean by sewing a rib . If someone could read it and try to explain I would appreciate it . I am preety new and dumb about instructions. Thanks

Hi all ;
I am now begging for help . I am going to try and Knit the Phentex slippers.from the pattern in this tread. I plan to make the 2 color stripped slippers not the checker board . I have been trying with left over yarn to do the pattern t before I start for real with the phentexand I am haveing problems . Please some one help . this is what I have been doing :
1 I cast on the 66 stiches in white yarn
2 I knit 6 stiches in white
3 i start with the black and knit 6 stiches
4 I continue like this to the end of the cast on . I started white and end in white One side looks great all knit the other side shows the yarn carried along
this is where I run into trouble
when when I turn and start to knit again I knit 6 white .
I then need to knit 6 black but the end of the black yarn is facing me like I need to purl and I do not know where to go from here . ???

please if anyone can help let me know.

PS I am knitting the pattern in Julies reply

Kelly,Are you using the Galway Wool yarn? If not what are you using?

Fran, I’m not sure I’m picturing this right, but I’ll try to help…is it not possible to just bring the black yarn through the needles in the back of the work to knit it? :?? Or is it more of a complicated problem than that?

This is a kind of vague pattern. Maybe watching one of Amy’s intarsia videos would help??

Sorry I can’t be of too much use. :oops:

I thought the same thing but if you do that you end up with a hole or space between stiches. also then the stranding is on the right side of the work . I did watch amy’s videos but she was not doing all knit . she did a knit row and then a purl row. which made sense I think I need someone to try the pattern to understand and see exactly what I mean or I need to get someone who has made these for years to show me .

Im using knitpicks Wool of the Andes. :thumbsup:

Hi Fannie,

  I'll try my best to help you out, I had the same problem

For example let’s say you are using white (Main color) and Black (contrasting color)

Row 1
Cast on 66 stitches

Row 2
knit 6 stitches in white, then 6 in black continue til end of row, carrying your yarn as you would normally

Row 3
knit 6 stitches in white, before knitting another stitch, take the white yarn and bring it in front on your work (If you’re a right handed knitter, the yarn would come from right to left), then pull the black yarn from in front of your work to behind your work (again being right handed knitter from right to left), knit 6 stitches. Then bring your black yarn in front of your work and take your white yarn and bring it behind your work, knit 6 stitches. Continue for the entire row.

On the uneven rows you always need to move your unused yarn before you knit any stitches.

Always cross your main color over your contrasting color.

Hope this helps

Carole, this post is from [U]2005[/U] and the original poster hasn’t posted since then so I think they probably have what they need by now. Nice of you to help out though. :wink: