Slipper soles

Does anyone have a store they recommend for slipper soles? I’ve done a little looking on the net and thought maybe someone might know of someplace that has good prices and service.
I’ve already worn out my 1st pair of felted slippers and am getting ready to knit some new ones and I’d like them to last longer.

I’ve used this fabric and am pleased with it so far. I glued it with fabric glue and then whipstitched it to the slipper with the yarn.

Someone on this forum suggested this. I tried it, but was not too happy with it.
Found these, but haven’t tried them.
I’d love to know what you decided on and how you liked your choice.

I had found the soles from fibertrends, but didn’t want to spend that much. That would bring the price of a pair of slippers up to a pair of shoes.
I will most likely go with the product from Save on Crafts.
Thank you so much for the prompt response.

Knit Pick’s has some very nice slipper soles. Here is the page to find them on.

Thank you Indygirl. I could swear I looked at KP’s site a while back and didn’t see any soles. I bought the yarn for the slippers from them a couple of months ago and thought I had looked for the soles then. has slipper soles too. They have holes punched all around the outside and you sew them to the bottoms.