Slipper socks

I finally found the slipper sock pattern I had been looking for. It’s from the 1940’s, I read, but, I recall these slippers being knitted in the 70’s.

And, here’s that Martha Stewart scarf pattern. I’m using my favorite kind of yarn, that has a gradient color.

I’m posting a photo of an egret I photographed, (under our miscellaneous category)catching minnows, a couple of summers ago, and, a photo I took of a green dragonfly.
I put a yellow background on the photo, using photoshop paintbucket.

The slippers look great!! The scarf is going to be very pretty…:happydance:

Those slippers look like something out of Little Women! They’re very cute and your scarf is coming along nicely. I am so impressed my scarf makers- I get so fed up with them!

oooh those look soft! i want a pair…lol

Hi I’m Cathy I just joined this site yesterday. What a fun place to be!

Yah, I knitted those slippers in the 70’s!


ya know, my grandma used to make slippers like this, and shorter ankle ones, but I thought she crocheted them (I was young, didn’t know the difference, and she knit and crocheted…) I loved her slippers. We wore them 'til they had holes in the bottoms…Thanks for sharing!

Hi Photolady
My knitting buddy in Kansas knits those little slippers and has sent me some through the post along with the pattern and some Caron Simply yarn (use double).
I have knitted about 6 pairs now and I have put little pom poms on them they look really cute x

I remember my Mom buying those at the Church Bazaar when I was a kid (60’s).

Nice job.

You can knit or crochet them, the pattern I had gave both directions. With all the talk about felting, these had completely slipped my mind.

OK, as soon as I finish knitting a couple of pairs for my friend up North.
And, a pair for one of my daughters. Remind me in about a month.
My arm keeps hurting, when I knit or type much, so, I have to knit slowly.
My friend up north is such a wonderful person.
She is a “little person”, and deaf. She’s going into the hospital in March, and I’m trying to put a little gift box together, for her, to cheer her up. She’s very anxious about going into the hospital. She has no one really to take care of her, full time, when she’s recuperating.
Can you, or any of you, suggest some items I might mail to her,
to cheer her up, and take her mind off her worries?

YEah, I was so happy to finally find the pattern.

u r welcome! I’ll post photos of the ones I’m knitting now, for a friend of mine.

Those slippers looks so cozy. The colors in the scarf are lovely.

Nice job. :slight_smile: I recently made a pair of those slippers!

For your friend, how about getting her things related to any hobbies she has. If she doesn’t knit, get her some supplies so she can learn. :slight_smile: Or how about some books, assorted teas, or crossword puzzle books? That’s all I can think of. I hope she makes a fast recovery!

Those slippers are the very first thing I ever knitted. It was about 6 years ago. I couldn’t believe I had really knitted something I could wear. I made about 3 or 4 pair for myself. It’s a great and easy pattern.