Slipper Socks

I just saw these in a catalog from Northstyle and was wondering if it’s possible to buy the soles and then knit up your own sock part? Just think, you could probably use worsted or heavy weight yarn, wouldn’t that be cool? Is there such a thing??

The yarns shops in the Denver area all sell the soles for slipper sox and I am pretty sure Hobby Lobby and Michaels, and fabric stores do as well. I have also seen them in catalogs. Seems like I remember some of the catalogs having kits for slipper sox from heavier yarn with the soles included…but that could just be in my imagination!!

:inlove:I like them too!!! I guess they should be easy to make, but I wonder where to buy the soles?? I hope someone else can come up with more answers :wink:

Oh OK I see an answer there!!

Well, here’s one link I found but they are not fleece lined. I guess you could just go to a fabric store and line them yourself.

I have taken the slipper sock pattern from my blog (this is really just a basic sock recipe sized for larger yarn, so any sock would so if you get the size you want) and added a leather sole from Fiber Trends. It works great.

The Fiber trends soles tend to be around $15-$17 so if someone else carries them and you can use a coupon, that might be the way to go.

Mama Bear

I’ve made the same thing as your showing. The ones that I made are called Bubba Bed Socks and they have leather bottoms. I posted pictures of them on my blog thread on here.

I got the learther bottoms and my LYS. You knit the sock and add the bottoms afterwards.