Slipper sock to sock

Hi everyone, I’m currently knitting a slipper sock with this pattern
Does anyone have any idea how I can knit this as a sock instead of sewing on the leather sole? Many thanks in advance!

You could knit a rectangle or oval for the sole, then sew the top to it. Or if it’s the cable pattern you like, just use it in a plain top down sock pattern. If you plan to use the same needles and a worsted yarn, you need a sock pattern using the same weight; if you’re going to use smaller yarn and needles, you’d probably want to knit one of the larger sizes.

This pattern actually knits a complete sock as written. The instructions have you stitch the leather sole onto the sock but it’s complete without the sole. The directions are there to turn the heel and continue in rounds to the toe which is grafted closed at the finish.
Great looking socks or slippers!

Thanks for catching that; I just skimmed the pattern and didn’t note all the details. Not to mention I don’t knit socks…

The majority of the slipper socks patterns I have read have a complete foot to the sock. This gives warmth and padding for the bottom of the foot.

I like the pattern and look forward to seeing your completed socks.

Thanks so much everyone, can’t wait to finish them!