Slipper pattern better link

Your earlier help was awesome, gran was able to knit, been awhile, I greatly appreciate the help. She’s done knitting, now its still on the circular, what does she do now before sewing together, thanks.

With the right side (the side that will become the outside of the slipper) facing knit 26 sts and cut the yarn leaving about a 24inch tail. Fold the slipper in half and sew the two sdes together along the sole, up the heel and along the cuff.
Get set to make the second slipper.

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Thanks, she’s confused with after she’s done with 26 the needles still in there does she cast off or just pull it out? Thanks for your patience

Ah, yes. Your gran could either work a 3 needle bind off or she could cast off from the beginning of the row (don’t knit the 26sts, cast off instead).
There are videos online for 3 needle bind off if she needs to see it.

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awesome. gran and i thank you.