Slipper pattern - ahhh help!!

Feeling very confused and frustrated. I’m following the directions on this label for my first pair of slippers. It doesn’t seem right, and I’m confused with what to do in the rows 4,6,8 etc.
I stopped after knit 2 rows and moving onto the shaping of the toe. But I think it looks off?

If you’re following it exactly just keep going. These patterns where you have to fold and seam often look goofy at first.

Even rows or “alternate rows” you S1 and knit to end. It says right about the 3rd row.

Oh my goodness! I now see that. Lol thank you.
Maybe I shouldn’t knit with my kids awake and running around.
OK now I know you said to just keep going, I’m wondering though, because it says to knit to a certain amount and leave the rest unworked, wouldn’t that be done going the other way to the longer side? Rather than the way I’m knitting? Because now there will be a long side and unworked part and I’m assuming it won’t look right?

You’re doing short rows which it’s what creates the shaping. That looks like what you are doing so it’s probably correct. What does the finished slipper look like?