Slipper Knitting not going well

So I have tried to start making slippers in the round. And it goes fine until I get to the gusset and then I get really confused and can’t seem to get my stitches right. Does anyone have helpful hints for knitting in the round slippers? I can add the slipper pattern if you want to see it. Just ask.


Hi and welcome!
Yes, please post the portion of the pattern that’s causing the problem (not the whole pattern as there are copyright problems). Alternatively, can you post a link to the pattern?

So I get confused when I get to the gusset part. I don’t know whether to start over or keep going with what I have. Here is the website.

The directions I am looking at are on the 4th page.


If you are working with a circular needle, one side is the instep or the front of the foot. The other needle will be the heel needle. The heel flap is knitted flat and will be joined back into the round by the gusset. After you have turned the heel, you are going to pick up stitches along the side of the heel flap . Pick them up going down onside and continue around along the instep and then pick up the second set of stitches along the heel flap side. The center of the back of the heel becomes the beginning of the round. Now you will start decreasing on the heel needle one stitch at each side every other row. When you get back down to the original number of stitches you had on your heel needle and your total stitch number is back to the original number you started with. I hope this helps you understand it.