Slipper Help

I am making my mom a pair of slippers for her birthday out of Vanna’s Choice. I love the yarn and the slippers are coming together beautifully, but I’m afraid they might be a little slippery. Any suggestions on what I can put on the soles to make them a little “stickier”?

My LYS sells leather soles.

Try this:

MUCH cheaper than leather soles. It looks and feels like the stuff on the bottom of little kids’ footie pajamas.

Have been looking for something to make furry puppy slippers safe on hardwood floors. Now I can make some for grandkids and not worry about broken bones and other such disasters. So glad. Thanks, Jean

A friend of mine makes footie pajamas for her grandkids every Christmas. She uses puffy paint on the soles–the kind that you heat and it puffs up. I guess it works and you can replace it easily if you need to.